Covid hospital admission risk linked to air pollution

The mayor of London has said “bold action” is needed to tackle air pollution after a new report found it causes a greater risk of Covid-19 hospital admission.

Climate Change in Hell? Murdoch Australian Papers will Now Support Science

Sydney Morning Herald: News Corp Australia, an influential player in Australia’s decade-long climate wars, will end its long-standing editorial hostility towards carbon reduction policies and advocate for the world’s leading economies to hit net zero emissions by 2050. The owner of some of the nation’s most-read newspapers, including the Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph, The Australian and […]

Boston startup wants to combat the climate crisis by launching network of radar satellites

Hurricane Ida: Broken pipeline found by divers in search for Gulf of Mexico oil spill

A broken pipeline is believed to be the source of an ongoing oil spill which appeared in the Gulf of Mexico after Hurricane Ida.

‘No point in anything else’: Gen Z members flock to climate careers

Schneider taps California electric transportation incentives to add 50 trucks

Treasured Western Trout Streams Wither Amid Heat, Drought

Climate change continues to wreak havoc across the American West.

Divers discover a dislodged and broken pipeline that likely triggered Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Why rail transportation is gradually going to replace air travel

Industry group backs global carbon price for large ships