Wanted: Your spare room for global visitors to Glasgow’s climate summit

Locals in the host city of Glasgow are being asked to offer a warm welcome to indigenous delegates visiting for Cop26.

Climate change is worsening ozone problems on the Front Range. Hispanic communities feel it the most

When air quality on the Front Range is bad, it’s often because of ozone – a gas created by a mixture of emissions from cars, oil and gas drilling and industrial facilities, combined with the heat and light from the summer sun.

Rain helps in California fire fight, lightning sparks others

Thunderstorms that dropped light rain gave some breathing room to crews struggling to quench California’s massive wildfires but lightning sparked several new blazes in the drought-stricken north, fire officials said.

How much do energy industry jobs pay? A look at the data.

Restoring wildlife populations will create jobs in Oklahoma

Shipping Options Dry Up as Businesses Try to Rebuild

The top six container operators control more than 70% of all container capacity. Businesses say they are paying at least four times more to move their products compared with last year and face long delivery delays.

Despite Climate Red Alert, Interior Department Moves On Gulf Lease Sale

Lancaster County Board will allow solar panels on acreage ‘outlots’ despite homeowners’ objections

Florida’s Majestic Manatees Are Starving to Death

Dantzler Farms to get renewable energy grant