Maine Audubon releases renewable energy guidance tools

Overtime Can Be Costly, Over Time

Amid a shortage of workers, companies are relying on longer shifts—which can deplete the ranks of their existing employees.

As climate pledges fall short, U.N. predicts globe could warm by worrying 2.7 degrees Celsius

Coming: Cat 7 Caines?

After reduction to the official measurement height of 10 m, this would still rank as one of the highest surface gusts ever measured in a hurricane. Record: 211 mph, Hurricane Gustav, 2008, Cuba. 2nd place: 186 mph, Long Island Express Hurricane, Blue Hill Observatory, MA, 1938. According to Sim Aberson of NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division, […]

FDA Advisory Panel Votes Against Recommending Booster Shots Widely

An advisory panel endorsed Covid-19 boosters for people age 65-plus or at high risk but said there wasn’t enough data to justify giving it to the general population.

Officials wrapped the world’s largest tree in protective foil to guard it against California wildfires

The world’s largest tree has been wrapped in foil to protect it against flames from a fire raging in California’s scenic Sequoia National Park.

Private Astronauts Float Through Orbit With Video Calls, Cold Pizza, Earth Views

SpaceX says it plans to land crew in the waters off Florida just after 7 p.m. on Saturday.

Pepsico: Sustainability, Health are “Consumer Trends”

Let the chips fall where they may. CNBC: Beyond Meat and PepsiCo announced Tuesday that they’ve formed a joint venture to create, produce and market snacks and drinks with plant-based substitutes. Shares of Beyond jumped as much as 31% in morning trading on the news, while Pepsi’s stock rose about 1%. The run in Beyond Meat may have […]

Do Solar Panels Work on Cloudy Days? What About at Night?

Solar panels allow you to harness the sun’s clean, renewable energy, potentially cutting your electric bills as well as your environmental footprint. But do solar panels work on cloudy days, or during seasons of less-than-optimal sun exposure? For homeowners who live outside of the Sun Belt, this is…

The Evolution of Eco-Friendly Period Products

Let’s state the obvious: Your favorite time of the month isn’t when you get your period. The cramps don’t help, but buying loads of pricey products isn’t a blast, either. But another aggravation arises for those who try to live sustainable lives: the environmental cost. According to multiple sources…