‘Climate Clock’ Shows Rich Nations Still Owe $90 Billion a Year to Global Green Fund

By Jake JohnsonAs the United Nations General Assembly kicked off in New York City on Monday, activists unveiled a new version of their digital “Climate Clock” to spotlight the extent to which rich countries are reneging on their vow to invest $100 billion a year in a global green energy fund designe…

Code Red for the Climate Demands New Behavior by CMP

Ohio’s SB 52 raises profile for upcoming workshops on solar siting issues

Solar panels

Upcoming workshops could lead to new rules for solar farms and other generation facilities, but a new law will soon let counties keep out projects that might otherwise meet state siting standards.

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Apple iPhone Features Would Detect Depression, Cognitive Decline

Apple is working on technology to help diagnose depression and cognitive decline, aiming for tools that could expand the scope of its burgeoning health portfolio.

Endangered African Penguins, With Multiple Bee Stings, Are Found Dead

Dead bees were found near where the birds died at a park in South Africa, said officials, who suggested the bees may have become aggressive after their nest was disturbed.

The Farmer’s Life

Massachusetts utilities propose plans to ramp up electric vehicle infrastructure

US can meet Paris climate commitments but will need to rely heavily on electric utilities: report

Homeowners Near California Wildfires Won’t Lose Insurance

Fueled by climate change, costly Southwest drought isn’t going away