Climate Change

Sustainable pet food can help fight climate change. Here’s how

Despite what scientists call the ‘yuck factor,’ bugs could be a sustainable secret ingredient for the booming pet food industry.

Combating Climate Change

The projected timing of abrupt ecological disruption from climate change

UN climate talks: Faint progress on money, none on pollution

Opening pocketbooks wider to fight climate change? That’s looking slightly more doable. Closing more smokestacks for the same goal? Not yet sold.

River Wye pollution: Campaigners call on poultry firms to act

Activists have called on two major poultry suppliers to take action to protect the River Wye from pollution. The river, which flows through Wales, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, has excessive algae growth often caused by high phosphate levels in the water.

Oxford Study: Rapid Green Transition will Save Trillions

Above, early solar panel and battery. In the 1950s, this would have been the most expensive form of electricity available. After a thousand-fold price drop, it is now the cheapest. Bill McKibben on Substack: The price of renewable energy is now falling nearly as fast as heat and rainfall records, and in the process perhaps […]

Ed Davey: Britain’s energy crisis has been years in the making, thanks to the Conservatives

Tory climate sceptic backbenchers and their backers are arguing that the current energy crisis shows why we must scrap green levies and subsidies for the renewables industry.

New Mexico hearing begins for next round of oil, gas rules

New Mexico is now the nation’s second largest oil producing state, and environmental officials say more needs to be done to rein in pollution from the industry.

Methane fee collides with EPA rules. ‘It’s very unusual’

Methane emissions are in the crosshairs of Democratic climate politics like never before, creating the prospects of a collision between the oil and gas industry and simultaneous restrictions from both Congress and EPA.