Italian tech startup revives Einstein’s father’s power plant

A husband-wife team of entrepreneurs are using a once-abandoned hydroelectric station to feed the power grid and keep their artificial-intelligence enterprise humming.

As Louisiana grapples with how to bolster its electric grid, leaders look to the feds for help

The $1 trillion infrastructure bill passed by Congress last month contains significant investments in Louisiana’s electrical grid, which was exposed as frail and outdated by a series of hurricanes over the past year.

In Florida, some see a model for Louisiana’s ailing electric grid after devastating hurricanes

One of the most important things Florida did, according to experts, was to bring academics, power companies, regulators, consumer advocates and other stakeholders together to tackle storm resilience.

Historic U.S. weather events in 2021, by the numbers

Omicron Pushes Daily Cases Higher, Disrupts Travel

The peak holiday travel season continued to be hammered by the fast-spreading Omicron variant Sunday, as the Biden administration said it was working to make sure hospitals aren’t overwhelmed.

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2021 cancelled out nearly all the emissions reduction of 2020

After a record-breaking drop in carbon emissions in 2020, global CO2 emissions have bounced back, nearly to pre-pandemic levels—a sign of how a “return to normal” isn’t enough to curb the emissions crisis and avoid tipping over our carbon budget.

Economy Week Ahead: Home Prices, Unemployment Claims

Data due this week will likely show a slight cooling in the hot real-estate market and historically low jobless claims.

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AT&T Cuts Hit Retiree Benefits

The company, which is sparing its executives from the cut, says it brings benefits in line with what other firms offer. One retiree: ‘If there isn’t a legal obligation, there certainly is a moral obligation.’

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Year in Review: Emily Atkin on Climate, Democracy, and Calling BS

Emily Atkin produces the valuable Heated newsletter on climate and politics. I spoke to her early in 2021. We talked about the intersection of climate and voting rights, among other topics.

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Year in Review: Lincoln Project’s Stuart Stevens on Covid and Climate

Stuart Stevens was a chief advisor to Mitt Romney’s 2012 Presidential campaign. I spoke to him about how far the Republican Party has fallen down the anti-science rabbit hole.

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