Google pushes sustainability, from new eco routes to Nest features

Avista outlines goal to serve 80% of Washington customers renewable energy starting in 2022

UK’s 2035 zero-carbon electricity goal is a diplomatic trendsetter, analysts say

The ruling Conservative party confirmed the government plans to end generating electricity with unabated gas, putting pressure on other major economies to follow

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‘It is there pretty much forever’: Huntington Beach oil spill may permanently affect birds

Spill off California coast will be difficult to clear from areas that are home to diverse array of birds and endangered plants and animals

Former NRC Chair: Nuclear Not a Climate Solution

Gregory Jaczko in The Hill: The only advanced nuclear technologies close to realization are called small modular reactors. These reactors are smaller than traditional reactors and are self-contained. These features allow companies to manufacture most of the reactor in a factory and ship it to a plant site. This concept evokes images of smart phones rolling out […]

What you need to know about the U.N. climate summit this fall — and why it matters

City of Richmond to receive grants addressing flooding issues

In Washington State Today: An Unjust Decision, A Powerful Dissent

Google launches new features to help users shrink their carbon footprints

Why Merck’s celebrated Covid pill could be riskier than people think

Researchers say the drug could integrate itself into patients’ DNA, theoretically leading to cancer. Merck says its tests show that isn’t an issue.