Walmart Sparks Public Outcry in China

The retailer became the latest Western company to face scrutiny over its handling of business involving Xinjiang following the passage of a U.S. law that bans most imports from the Chinese region.

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Building an American Political Consensus Behind Environmental Sustainability

Economic modernization is how we can and hopefully will build an American political consensus behind environmental sustainability.

These Zines are Helping Us Imagine a Better Future for Climate and Society

There’s a wide gap between knowing everything must change and implementing those changes. These student publications envision how we might bridge that gap.

Shippers Plan New Strategies, Stopgap Measures to Ease Freight Pain

Small and midsize businesses are revising their supply-chain playbooks in a bid for relief from rising costs and a shipping capacity crunch.

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Men across America are getting vasectomies ‘as an act of love’

With the right to abortion under threat, men say they want to play a role in reproductive planning to support their partners.

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Civil Eats: Best Food Justice Stories of 2021

Civil eats continued their deep reporting on how marginalized communities—including the poor, people of color, and Indigenous peoples—worked to right long-standing, historic wrongs.

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Marin lands $1M state grant for carbon farming projects

Michigan animal shelter inundated with parakeets in breeding plan gone wrong

Man wanted to breed birds but ‘it got out of control’, official says, adding: ‘You just have more babies, babies and more babies.’

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Christmas roast: temperatures soar in Texas and US south-east

Warm weather could make this the hottest December on record for many cities in the region, including Dallas and New Orleans.

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Christmas storms hit California with much-needed snow and rain

State says snowpack now between 114% and 137% of normal across Sierra range while southern areas get much-needed rain.

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