2021: Year in review

A Dream of a Fossil Fuel-Free Neighborhood Meets the Constraints of the Building Industry – Inside Climate News

Dar-Lon Chang moved to this Denver suburb to start a new life. In Houston, he’d spent 16 years as an engineer at ExxonMobil, the nation’s largest fossil fuel producer. In Colorado, he planned to pursue a career in renewable energy, but the real draw was his new house. Oriented towards the sun, with solar panels […]

The top 6 ambitious state climate laws passed in 2021

Nine must-read climate change stories of 2021 from around the world

From how Indonesia treats its Elon Musks to the aftermath of “unimaginable” flooding in Germany, here’s our pick of Climate Home’s best reporting this year

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Taking Stock And Looking Forward: Climate and Animal Agriculture

After Ida left millions in the dark, advocates turn to solar power. How much can it help?

When Hurricane Ida knocked out all eight of the transmission lines that bring power to New Orleans, it highlighted a vulnerability in the way the state keeps the lights on.

Climate Anger Issues? Call the Greta Thunberg Help Line

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2021’s climate was one of contrasts, contradictions and extremes

There was one constant: Heat.

Climate/Meteor Metaphor: Cartoonists Got There First

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As its glaciers melt, Nepal is forced into an adaptation not of its choosing

Climate change is causing the glaciers in Nepal’s Himalayan region to melt at an alarming rate, threatening fragile ecosystems, vulnerable communities, and billions of people downstream who rely on the rivers fed by the ice pack.