Kyrsten Sinema Wants to Cut $100 Billion in Proposed Climate Funds, Sources Say

Los Angeles is aiming to be first major carbon-free U.S. city, but obstacles loom

Confronted by devastating wildfires, parching drought and ever-hotter summers, Los Angeles is launching an ambitious plan to combat climate change by becoming the first major U.S. city run entirely on clean energy. But it won’t be easy.

Afghanistan’s population faces extreme hunger as collapsing economy, drought and conflict hamper access to food

Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan in August has had a significant impact on the economy, citizens as markets fill with people selling furniture to earn money for food

EU flexes antitrust muscle to counter Putin’s gas gamesmanship

Brussels has used competition law to force Gazprom to change its business methods in the past.

White House sets climate spending at up to $555 billion

Passing legislation would help Biden make good on his pledge to cut U.S. planet-warming emissions 50 to 52 percent below 2005 levels this decade.

President Joe Biden will “make or break” the UN climate conference

He has the power to sidestep Congress, a policy expert explains. But will he?

Joe Manchin’s deep corporate ties

An underexamined aspect of Manchin’s pro-business positions in the Senate is his early membership in the American Legislative Exchange Council.

In Your Facebook Feed: Oil Industry Pushback Against Biden Climate Plans

North Carolina energy law adds urgency on housing, weatherization funding

Worker sealing attic vent

With bipartisan energy compromise now law, advocates and some Democrats look to the budget to help protect the state’s poorest ratepayers.

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How New York Just Took a Big Step Away From Fossil Fuels