A Tool Kit to Help Scientists Find the Ultimate Chickpea

A major plant genome sequencing effort may offer a path to breeding more climate-resilient chickpeas, while also revealing clues to the legume’s origins.

The 3 a.m. negotiations and an affogato: Inside John Kerry’s deal making at the Glasgow climate conference

Global rivalries are miring the clean energy revolution

The quest for Congo’s cobalt, which is vital for electric vehicles and the worldwide push against climate change, is caught in a cycle of exploitation, greed and gamesmanship.

Two Democrats kill chances of reforming outdated hardrock mining law

The nearly 150-year old law allows mining companies to extract resources like copper and lithium royalty-free.

Delhi school shutdown expanded as Toxic Haze Bankets Indian capital

Indian authorities have extended a shutdown on schools as the toxic air pollution smothering the capital Delhi worsens. All schools and colleges are now indefinitely closed and over half the city’s 11 coal-based power plants have been ordered to stop operations.

What to Know About the Frantic Quest for Cobalt

A New York Times investigation examines the global demand for raw materials as the clean energy revolution takes off. This is what we found.

Wildfires in California Killed Thousands of Giant Sequoias

How the House spending bill addresses climate change

House passes roughly $2 trillion spending package

Meat and Dairy Options: Are They Better for the Planet?

Vox: But years of research on the environmental impact of food make one thing clear: Plant proteins, even if processed into imitation burgers, have smaller climate, water, and land impacts than conventional meats. Apart from environmental impact, reducing meat production would also reduce animal suffering and the risk of both animal-borne disease and antibiotic resistance. […]