Yale psychologist: How to cope with climate disasters, anxiety

Two kinds of climate-related distress — the acute trauma of immediate disasters and the background sense of existential doom — require different responses, both personal and from society.

Politicians are failing to deliver climate justice. Lawyers and scientists could do it in court

Three climate activists in the UK are challenging the High Court to hear their case, in which they hope to sue their government for its role in the crisis. It’s one in a booming number of litigation cases that are leaning on science to bring about justice.

South Fork Wind wins federal OK, launching union jobs at ProvPort

How the return of bison connects travelers with Native cultures

From Montana to Alberta, Indigenous communities are developing ecotourism tied to the keystone species’ restoration.

Biological ‘treasure troves’ need mapping in marine protection plan

A number of sites of exceptional biodiversity — well-known to the region’s First Nations but previously undocumented by science — have been identified along B.C.’s central coast and should be protected, a joint study suggests.

Yamuna pollution main reason behind Taj Mahal decay: Study

New study says hydrogen sulphide from Yamuna pollution is more corrosive to Taj Mahal compared to sulphur dioxide from industrial pollution.

Only two out of 11 herbicide studies given to EU regulators deemed ‘reliable’

Review of safety studies shows vast majority do not meet international standards for scientific validity

Alibaba Empowers Business Units to Be More Agile as Challenges Mount

CEO Daniel Zhang is devolving power to the heads of the company’s business units to speed up decision making so each division can better fend off competition and revitalize flagging sales.

Battery power: five innovations for cleaner, greener electric vehicles

EVs are seen as key in transition to low-carbon economy, but as their human and environmental costs become clearer, can new tech help?

Interior Dept. Report on Drilling Is Mostly Silent on Climate Change