You Asked: When Will Polar Bears Go Extinct?

A recent study provides a rough timeline, but there’s still time to save them if we cut our carbon emissions.

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Finding Bright Spots in the Global Coral Reef Catastrophe – Inside Climate News

This article was originally published by Yale Environment 360. Read the original story here. When ecological genomicist Christian Voolstra started work on corals in Saudi Arabia in 2009, one of the biggest bonuses to his job was scuba diving on the gorgeous reefs. Things have changed. “I was just back in September and I was […]

Soft Corals Are Dying Around Jeju Island, a Biosphere Reserve That’s Home to a South Korean Navy Base – Inside Climate News

JEJU ISLAND, South Korea—Seventy-year-old Hwang Gyesook has been diving into the chilly waters of the Korea Strait off Jeju Island for more than 45 years. Generations of female divers called Haenyeo have learned to hold their breath for long periods underwater to catch the delicacies beneath the sea. For as long as seven hours a […]

22 countries agreed to establish green shipping routes. That’s big news.