U.S. Electric Car Transition Off to a Slow Start

Iceland facility sucks carbon dioxide from air, turns it into rock

Biden Orders Federal Vehicles and Buildings to Use Renewable Energy by 2050

Under an executive order, the federal government would phase out the purchase of gasoline-powered vehicles, and its buildings would be powered by wind, solar or other clean energy.

Carbon prices, long in the dumps, surge in U.S. and Europe

California goes to war with food waste. Composting is its next climate crusade

Climate Deniers Attacking “Woke” Climate Policies

Kate Aranoff, who wrote the “Critical energy theory” article from the New Republic which I excerpted earlier, and which has touched off a discussion .

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The Climate Council doesn’t want its plan to burden Vermonters. Did it deliver?

Last week, after nearly a year of work, the 23-member Vermont Climate Council approved a 273-page interim climate action plan.

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At an Annual Sustainability Gathering, Big Ag Describes its Efforts to Control the Narrative

More people buy e-bikes than electric cars. Here’s how a bill would make them cheaper.

A tax credit tucked into the Democrat’s Build Back Better Act could incentivize Americans to buy electric bikes.

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Sustainable Fencing Ideas That’ll Make You Want to Ditch Man-Made Fences in Your Garden