Explainer: Was Deadly Tornado Storm System Related To Climate Change?

Warm weather was a crucial ingredient in the outbreak that killed dozens of people, but whether climate change is a factor is not quite as clear.

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Companies Upend Plans on Vaccines, Office Returns, Again

More employers are saying that workers can now stay home for months longer, while some pause vaccine requirements as the Biden administration’s directive is blocked.

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Inflation Surge Pushes U.S. Real Interest Rates Deeper Into Negative Territory

By standing still, the Federal Reserve’s policy has provided more stimulus to the economy this year.

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10 Best Compostable Trash Bags | Eco-Friendly Options to Buy

Try Focus Mode on Your iPhone to Mute Annoying Notifications

Apple’s Focus feature, new with iOS 15, lets only allowed contacts and apps ping you. It’s a pain to set up—but you’ll be more productive and less distracted.

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Pfizer Boosters Are Effective Against Omicron, Israeli Study Says

The findings also show that those who had their second Pfizer dose five months ago or more had little protection against the variant.

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Tornadoes tear througout South and Midwest with at least 70 dead in Kentucky

Power was out across the region on Saturday, and severe storms were expected to continue.

FLASHBACK:  Greensburg, Kansas rebuilt without carbon emissions after a tornado nearly destroyed it

A tornado nearly destroyed tiny Greensburg, Kansas. The city harnassed that wind and rebuilt itself as an energy efficient wonder powered by 100 percent wind energy. Now, as communities around the country decimated by fires and floods also face rebuilding, and a country stalled by a pandemic reimagines life after a vaccine, the city on the prairie offers some lessons in green living.

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Britain Increases Scrutiny of Foreign Takeovers

The U.K. is putting foreign takeovers of its businesses under greater scrutiny, complicating a popular route to overseas expansion for American companies as they spend record amounts on British acquisitions.

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How Sequencing Covid-19’s Viral Genome Helps Hunt for Variants

Researchers are untangling the Covid-19 virus’s genetic code to keep track of fast-moving variants. The process starts with a Covid-19 test.

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