A Comedy Nails the Media Apocalypse

With “Don’t Look Up,” Adam McKay makes a star-studded allegorical satire that shows the news media whistling past the climate-change graveyard.
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Mongabay reporter sued in what appears to be a pattern of legal intimidation by Peruvian cacao company

A Peruvian cacao company that sued a Mongabay Latam writer for reporting on its deforestation in the Amazon has also targeted others in what lawyers said appears to be a pattern of intimidation.

The man who predicted climate change

In the nineteen-sixties, Syukuro Manabe drew a graph that foretold our world today—and what’s to come.

Janet Yellen walks political tightrope to deliver on Biden’s climate promises

Many Republicans and industry advocates say financial regulators shouldn’t have their hands deep in environmental policy. Progressive Democrats want bold action quickly.

Senator Paul Fought Aid for Puerto Rico – Wants Help for Kentucky

WHAS – 11 ( Louisville): Senator Rand Paul also released a statement, saying “Our hearts are broken for all those suffering from last night’s horrific storms. As daylight comes and we begin to fully understand the severity of the devastation, we mourn and we pray.“ Paul went on to say, “I and my team will […]

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How Do You Feel About Inflation? The Answer Will Help Determine Its Longevity

One factor in inflation is whether Americans expect it to keep rising—and knowing the answer will help determine when and how much the Federal Reserve raises interest rates. The problem is that it’s hard to gauge those sentiments.

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California tells San Joaquin Valley agencies that groundwater plans are flawed

Coal powered the industrial revolution. It left behind an ‘absolutely massive’ environmental catastrophe

Scenes from the end of coal: a blasted mountaintop in Kentucky, an underground inferno in Pennsylvania, slowly dying maples in New Hampshire and a toxic pile of waste in Florida.

Big Oil’s new strategy: Profit today, fight again tomorrow

The oil and gas industry has refined its techniques to stay a step ahead over decades. And it has no plans to stop anytime soon.

Wetlands point to extinction problems beyond climate change

It’s not just climate change that’s driving extinctions: Wetland mismanagement is endangering 40,000 small but vital plant and animal species, according to the Center for Biological Diversity.