Vermont environmental groups are pushing for more agriculture regulations. Farmers say they’re already strapped.

Leaders of several environmental groups want more regulation designed to protect local waters from farm pollution, but farmers say they’re already maxed out with clean water regulations.

The lobster trap

The plentiful catch that brought wealth to fishing families is at risk, as climate change warms the Gulf of Maine. A way of life is on the line, but lobstermen can’t, or won’t, imagine another.

‘We can expect more’: Did climate change play a role in the deadly weekend tornadoes?

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12 books on climate and the planet for the holidays

The West sizzled in a November heat wave and snow drought

A regional warming and drying trend continues to intensify concerns about water and energy security.

VW invests in north Swedish wind farm

A step on the path for Volkswagen to decarbonise the company and its products with intention to be net carbon neutral.

What killed millions of honey bees at this Everett farm?

In the summer, a beekeeper lost 240 hives on Ebey Island. An investigation found they died from pesticides, but whose?

Domino effect

In Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, climate change is being blamed for unprecedented rainfall over the past decade and flooding that has displaced thousands.

The Democrats fighting to protect the coastal elite

Who will actually benefit from a new progressive climate policy?