Tencent Executive Held by China Over Corruption Case

Zhang Feng has been investigated for alleged unauthorized sharing of personal data collected by WeChat to a former official.

Milton Friedman on Carbon Tax – 1979

Interesting clip I stumbled over, posted by the “eco-right” RepublicEn group. Here, in a 1979 interview, Free Market DemiGod Milton Friedman, in the course of explaining his approach to government regulation (he doesn’t like it) demonstrates a weaselly, sophomoric attitude towards mandatory airbags that sounds ludicrous and utterly callous, in light of the hundreds of […]

Video: Meet Some of The Incredible Women Scientists of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

These women are helping to unravel the mysteries and mechanics of Earth.

It’s time to end subsidies for burning wood from forests

Trees are worth much more to humanity alive than dead, say 500 scientists in an open letter to leaders in the EU, US and East Asia

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Can These Hedge Trimmers With Fins Avoid a Brush With Extinction?

Scientists have found that sawfish are thriving in some habitats while vanishing from others.

G.M.’s Profits From Trucks and S.U.V.s Fuel Its Electric Quest

The automaker earned more than $6 billion last year — money that it will plow into the development of electric and autonomous vehicles.

Lisa Ilboudo Nébié: Studying Food Security, Environmental Changes and Migration in West Africa

She studies how environmental changes impact communities around the world, and how communities adapt.

Allergy Seasons Are Worsening and Climate Change Is Playing a Significant Role

Pollen seasons are 20 days longer and present 21 percent more pollen than in 1990, according to a new study.

Public Webinar: New York Offshore Wind Awards and Program Updates

True Crime With a Climate Connection

The shift toward cleaner cars, combined with tighter pollution rules, is pushing up demand for the precious metals in automobile antipollution gadgets. Crooks have taken note.