The Daily: Climate Change and the Texas Blackouts

One of the worst winter storms in years has plunged large parts of the United States into a deadly energy crisis. It may be a glimpse of America’s future.

Chicago microgrid project attempts to balance corporate, community needs

Community advocates have differing opinions about ComEd and its approach in Bronzeville, but there is consensus around the benefits of continuing a utility-community partnership.

Des Moines looks for leverage to push MidAmerican on carbon-free power

The city is exploring several strategies to cut emissions, but will depend on its investor-owned utility to achieve much of its ambitious new clean energy goal.

Five takeaways from Connecticut’s new residential solar program changes

After years of debate over reforming the state’s solar program, stakeholders widely praised the new rules released last week.

‘America, send us your ideas’: Biden pledges to protect 30% of US lands by 2030

To reach this conservation goal, the country will have to conserve more than 400m acres of land and waterways in the next 10 years

California state senator introduces legislation to ban fracking by 2027

Gone fishing: the fight to save one of the world’s most elusive wild cats

With webbed feet and a tail for a rudder, Asia’s fishing cats face shrinking habitats. But conservation efforts in West Bengal are helping it swim against the tide

FL Legislature 2021: Lawmakers will address symptoms of climate change, but what about causes?

Insiders at Covid Vaccine Makers Sold Millions in Stock Last Year

Executives and directors at Pfizer, Moderna and other companies developing Covid-19 vaccines sold approximately $496 million of stock last year, reaping rewards of positive vaccine developments.

Heating Arctic may be to blame for snowstorms in Texas, scientists argue