20 more companies from around the globe join The Climate Pledge

Meeting Paris Agreement ‘Impossible’ Unless Meat Production Is Reduced, Says Expert

New plant-based plastics can be chemically recycled with near-perfect efficiency

Bogus Texas “Wind Turbine” Story Comes Undone

Power: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has said reforming the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is an emergency item for state legislators in the current session, as power outages continue across the state for another day due to record cold temperatures as part of a massive winter storm. The governor on Feb. 16 said he […]

Texas mayor tells residents to fend for themselves during power outage: ‘Only the strong will survive’

Tim Boyd’s tirade, which also suggested that “lazy” residents find their own ways of procuring water and electricity, immediately drew backlash. Later, he announced his resignation.

Saudi Arabia Set to Raise Oil Output Amid Recovery in Prices

The world’s largest oil exporter plans to increase production, say advisers to the kingdom, a sign of growing confidence over an oil-price recovery.

The Weather is WACC, but Science Still Unsettled

Above, Warm Arctic, Cold Continents, or WACC is what scientists are calling disruptions like we’ve seen for the past month.Scientists have made the connection between arctic warming and wild weather, but clear, “pound on the table, we’re done” understanding has been elusive.In recent months, there has been some pushback on the whole idea that arctic […]

A different kind of land management: Let the cows stomp

Regenerative grazing can store more carbon in soils in the form of roots and other plant tissues. It’s good for soil quality. But how much can it really help the fight against climate change?

Guest post: Health benefits of Paris climate goals could save millions of lives by 2040


Biden should treat climate change as a health emergency