At DEP budget hearing, some legislators focus on Pennsylvania’s effort to join RGGI

Some Republican lawmakers criticized the agency. Its leader said it’s understaffed.

The Republicans criticizing Haaland’s nomination – and their ties to fossil fuels

The congresswoman has faced hostile questioning from senators during her confirmation for interior secretary. Some of them are personally invested in fossil fuels

Understanding Climate Change

Texas facilities released 3.5m pounds of extra pollutants during winter storm

Emissions releases affected communities that are already disproportionately exposed to pollution

More than 25m drink from the worst US water systems, with Latinos most exposed

Guardian investigation shows systems in Latino areas violate federal drinking water rules twice as much as those serving the rest of the US

Illinois energy bill proposes ‘green bank’ as national movement builds

The proposal would create a nonprofit that would design and run the bank with oversight from an 11-member board.

Critics fear investors’ push for profits could thwart other FirstEnergy priorities

FirstEnergy news raises questions about grid resiliency and clean energy approaches to cope with climate change. A notorious investor’s plan to acquire a significant stake in FirstEnergy voting shares has critics worried that pressure to turn quick profits could undercut the company’s duties to ratepayers and need to invest in a cleaner and more resilient […]

Will California’s desert be transformed into Lithium Valley?

On the edge of the Salton Sea, state officials and investors are seeking to turn brine into ‘white gold’ that can power electric cars. But will this help solve the Imperial Valley’s troubles — or add to them?

Trevor Noah Zaps America’s Outdated Power Grid

It’s only going to get worse with the increased demands of extreme weather triggered by climate change, he warned.

Renewable Energy Group Sues Regulators, Hoping To Remove Barriers To Clean Energy Development