‘Poor folks trying to make it as best we can’: surviving Mississippi’s miserly healthcare system

The poorest and blackest state in the US declined to expand Medicaid, leaving many citizens without coverage.

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Humans Reached Remote North Atlantic Islands Centuries Earlier Than Thought

It was long accepted that the Vikings were the first people to settle the Faroe Islands, around 850 A.D. until traces of earlier occupation were announced in 2013. But not everyone was convinced. New probes of lake sediments clinch the case that others were there first.

In Iowa, a lack of long-range planning dockets leaves utility critics in the dark

The MidAmerican Energy Company office in Sioux City, Iowa.

Environmental advocates and large customers have been fighting for access to MidAmerican Energy’s long-range planning documents. A lawyer for the Iowa Utility Board sided with the groups, but the utility has since appealed.

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Covid-19 Surge Slows European Recovery, but Supply Problems Ease

The rapid spread of Omicron has weakened Europe’s economic recovery, but there are signs that the supply blockages that have hobbled factories over recent months are easing.

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‘They’re sick of masks’: Democratic governors fight Covid fatigue

The party’s defeat last month in Virginia — and closer-than-expected victory in New Jersey — has many Democrats searching for an off-ramp to the pandemic that allows them to sell a brighter future to voters next November.

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COVID-19 leads to over 50 million more hungry people in Asia-Pacific

COVID-19 led to rising food insecurity for around 54 million people living in the vast Asia-Pacific region during 2020, according to a joint UN agency report published on Wednesday.

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Unmasking the pandemic’s impact on plastics waste management across South Asia

The pandemic-induced lifestyle changes will exacerbate the already acute plastics waste challenges in South Asia unless urgent action is taken.

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Fentanyl Invades More Illicit Pills, With Deadly Consequences

A bootleg version of fentanyl being made mainly by Mexican drug cartels is spreading to more corners of the U.S., increasingly inside fake pills taken by people who in some cases believe they are consuming less-potent drugs.

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Dashing Fed’s Hopes, Low Unemployment Becomes an Inflation Threat

With millions of workers missing from the labor market, vacancies and workers mismatched and demand still strong, the Fed now worries about a wage-price spiral.

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The crucial ingredients for decarbonizing an economy, and safeguarding a region

Lessons from a year of reporting on climate solutions for Washington, Oregon and British Columbia…