Legislative action on increasing Pennsylvania’s alternative energy goals appears unlikely

New Mexico Senate passes Clean Fuel Standard Act

R.I. Bills Address Solar Panel Recycling, Plastic Bag Ban

Governor asks Biden for credit on NM climate change efforts

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Flights canceled during China’s worst sandstorm in decades

BEIJING (AP) — China’s capital and a wide swath of the country’s north were enveloped Monday in the worst sandstorm in a decade, leading to the cancelation of hundreds of…

Music Break: Harry Styles – Watermelon Sugar

Harry Styles just kicked off the Grammies in convincing fashion with an amazing live performance of this one.

Post Blackout: Rethinking Texas

More from my terrific conversation with Michael Webber at the University of Texas.Michael is well known for having thought deeply about how the grid works and where it’s going. I’m pairing his insights with a long analysis from E&E News, which I excerpt here, but by all means go to the link and give it […]