Rep. Jamaal Bowman Sees Climate As The Next Big Education Push After COVID-19 Reopenings

The New York Democrat is endorsing a $1.16 trillion plan to retrofit school buildings to be cleaner and greener and to hire more teachers.

Edelman Paid Millions By Extreme Fossil Fuel Group

Edelman, a PR firm that’s pledged to “work with an environmental conscience,” was paid $4 million to promote one of the most extreme fossil fuel trade groups in the country, new tax filings show.

Trump’s Forest Service planned more logging in the Yaak Valley, environmentalists want Biden to make it a ‘climate refuge’

For Aaron Peterson, exploring the chattering Yaak River and wandering the forests surrounding it is no more complicated than clipping on cross-country skis outside his front door. Roaming this northwestern corner of Montana sometimes feels risky when the weather’s warm because of the grizzlies in one of the Lower 48’s wildest places. But on winter […]

‘There’s no ice’: warming seas chill Quebec’s seal tourism

For the fifth time since 2010, a lack of ice means no visitors and an unstable future for the ice-dependent harp seal

Living on Earth: Warming planet slows ocean currents

Book review: The elusive dream of self-driving cars

In “Driven,” Alex Davies chronicles the heady early days and evolution of autonomous vehicle technology.

Polar silk road – Warmer Arctic waters could turn the tides in LNG markets

Russia begins to ship gas through the Arctic all the year round

Lions Are Lovely, but Petite Carnivores Need Affection, Too

The assumption that adding apex predators to wildlife parks in South Africa benefits smaller animals is in need of more testing, scientists say.

Heartache in the capital: Nevada’s changing landscape

Xiaomi Wins Court Ruling Halting U.S. Investment Ban

A federal judge has blocked enforcement of the U.S. investment ban on Xiaomi, calling the decision to blacklist the Chinese technology giant “deeply flawed.”