Music Break: Harry Styles – Watermelon Sugar

Harry Styles just kicked off the Grammies in convincing fashion with an amazing live performance of this one.

Post Blackout: Rethinking Texas

More from my terrific conversation with Michael Webber at the University of Texas.Michael is well known for having thought deeply about how the grid works and where it’s going. I’m pairing his insights with a long analysis from E&E News, which I excerpt here, but by all means go to the link and give it […]

Debunking misinformation part 3: the state of the science

Tiny Town, Big Decision: What Are We Willing to Pay to Fight the Rising Sea?

How Dirt Could Help Save the Planet

Gov. Jim Justice’s companies owe millions more in environmental fines

Latest filings say the companies owe over $3 million for not complying with a major water pollution settlement.

Intensifying Hurricanes are Real, not Artifact

KXAN: In the year 2000, esteemed climatologist and geophysicist Michael E. Mann of Pennsylvania State University coined a term he would come to loath. “Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation”, or AMO for short, was used to describe an oscillation pattern between the North Atlantic ocean currents and the wind patterns above. Similar to the El Nino/Southern Oscillation […]

Wildlife Hammered by Texas Cold Wave

Still forensics to be done as to the culpability of climate in the recent polar vortex that famously battered Texas, but by all accounts, the cold snap was the coldest, longest, and most widespread in memory.Wind turbines were falsely blamed for the collapse of the Texas grid, but subsequent reporting showed that it overwhelmingly the […]

Printed Houses: Solving Housing, and Waste

400k sounds a little pricey, but hopefully that’s just the overheated Austin market at work. Printing homes could go a long way to solve the housing crisis, and purportedly cuts waste material by more than 90 percent.

The Weekend Wonk: The Carbon Bubble will Pop in 2020s