Earth Is Getting a ‘Black Box’ to Hold Humans Accountable for Climate Change

When a plane crashes, its flight recorder is critical to piecing together the missteps that led to calamity. Now the planet is getting its own in case it self-destructs.

Rising seas swamp Black, Spanish and Indigenous history in Northeast Florida

Lincolnville is one of the historic areas in the nation’s oldest continuously occupied European settlement that are threatened by rising seas caused by temperature increases from fossil fuel pollution.

John Kerry: US supports a coal phaseout but cannot commit

During a trip to Brussels, the US presidential climate envoy told Euractiv in an interview it was unconstitutional to mandate a coal exit for states

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John Kerry calls for investing ‘trillions’ to get big emitters to quit polluting

US climate envoy tours Europe to build support for global investment drive.

New US energy standards would reverse Trump’s war on lightbulbs

Trump’s energy department blocked a rule intended to phase out less efficient bulbs. Now Biden plans to move forward, slowly

ElectricFish EV chargers can plug in anywhere, and double as renewable

ElectricFish EV chargers use batteries that harness excess renewable energy, whenever it’s available, so they can act as backup power when the sun goes down or the grid fails.

The year in water, 2021

If nothing else, the last 12 months of floods, fires, droughts, and other meteorological torments delivered an uncomfortable message. Extreme events are happening more often. And they are happening almost everywhere.

The West Sizzled in a November Heat Wave and Snow Drought – Inside Climate News

GOLDEN, Colorado—Even as one of Denver’s longest snow droughts on record—232 days—was forecast to end on Friday, nerves in the Mile High City were frayed after a summer of climate extremes, and a heat wave that has stretched into late autumn.  Just a few days before the forecast snow, an intense wildfire had flared up […]

We All (Still) Quit: What Happened After Fast Food Workers Walked Out

Native Americans’ farming practices may help feed a warming world