The question of life, the universe and event attribution

Nature Climate Change, Published online: 25 March 2021; doi:10.1038/s41558-021-01012-x

Weather and climate service providers around the world are looking to issue assessments of the human role in recent extreme weather events. For this attribution to be of value, it is important that vulnerability is acknowledged and questions are framed appropriately.

Cold-water species need warm water too

Nature Climate Change, Published online: 25 March 2021; doi:10.1038/s41558-021-01013-w

Climate change vulnerability assessments of cold-water species have focused on protecting cold summer habitats in high-elevation streams. Now, a study shows that seasonally warm rivers can provide the majority of growth potential for cold-water fishes, unveiling a notable blind spot in freshwater climate research and planning.

The importance of warm habitat to the growth regime of cold-water fishes

Nature Climate Change, Published online: 25 March 2021; doi:10.1038/s41558-021-00994-y

Modelling riverine fish growth across warm and cool sections of a river network, the authors demonstrate that habitats that are suboptimally warm in summer may actually provide the majority of growth potential. This highlights a risk in conservation strategies that devalue ephemerally warm habitats.

Geoengineering The Climate Just Became More Of A Real Possibility In The U.S.

Artificially cooling the planet carries potential threats — and so does allowing tech billionaires to monopolize the research efforts.

Nuclear industry calls for state policy focus as resource outstrips coal generation in US

Riders Are Abandoning Buses and Trains. That’s a Problem for Climate Change.

America’s Bald Eagle Population Has Quadrupled

There were only about 72,000 bald eagles in the lower 48 states in 2009. Researchers say the population is now above 300,000.

New Report Says U.S. Should Cautiously Pursue Solar Geoengineering

Michigan Commission Approves Next Phase of DTE Electric’s EV Pilot Program

DEP finds PFAS in one-third of public water systems

A proposed state regulation is expected this year that would set health limits for some of the chemicals, which have been linked to serious illnesses.