Greenhouse gases from Line 3 pipeline raise questions about meeting Minnesota’s goals for cutting emissions

High Tide in Suez Canal Raises Hopes of Freeing Cargo Ship

Specialists are hoping that a higher-than-usual spring tide will help them unstick the 1,300-foot Ever Given from the east side of the channel.

Evangelical Generation Gap on Climate Mirrors Country

Nicolas Kristof in the New York Times: The Rev. Rick Joyner is a famous evangelical leader who has called on Christians to arm themselves for an inevitable civil war against liberals, who he suggests are allies of the devil. But this is the awkward part: His five children would be on the other side of that civil war, as […]

Lead found in tap water in towns across Illinois

Most exposure to lead in water can be traced to pipes known as service lines that connect homes to municipal water supplies. Illinois has more service lines made of the toxic metal than any other state. Chicago has more than any other city.

Marjorie Taylor Green on Climate Science/GND

Those Cosmic Wings You Had Delivered Are From Applebee’s

Virtual brands have mushroomed on delivery apps as restaurants seek new customers for their kitchens.

Fact Sheet: President Biden Establishes the White House Initiative on Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders

The paraquat poisoning problem

A former Syngenta scientist calls the failures to heed his warnings about the deadly pesticide “a conspiracy within the company to keep this quiet.”

Triple Net-Zero Development Going Up in Albany

Fossil fuel industry does U-turn on carbon pricing

At virtual forum to launch review of federal oil and gas leases, one indigenous leader called the government program an ‘environmentally racist horror show’