Airlines Want Vaccine Passports but Don’t Want to Pay for Them

Airlines are resisting early European Union plans that could push some of the costs and responsibility for implementing Covid-19 vaccination passports onto the industry.

What the U.S. Can Learn From China’s Infatuation With Infrastructure

President Biden is the latest American leader to invoke Beijing’s building spree while pressing Congress to spend on infrastructure, but emulating China is a different story.

Canada’s herring facing ‘biological decimation’, say First Nations and activists

Herring off western coast will ‘teeter on edge of complete collapse’ if commercial fishing continues at current level, says report

Early bloom of cherry blossoms in Washington DC point to climate crisis

Unusually warm weather accelerated the bloom cycle of the mall’s 3,800 cherry trees, causing them to pop days ahead of schedule

Five great new green innovations – from pop-up rodent tents to tyre dust traps

The Earth Optimism 2021 summit is showcasing practical conservation solutions. We look at the ways technology is making a difference

Conspiracy: Texas Weather Caused by Chinese Secret Weather Weapons

Right Wing Watch is on a roll.

UK To Fund Underwater Camera Network To Monitor Deep Ocean Wildlife

The project is intended to track the health of sharks, turtles and sea snakes that live in the high seas.

EPA administrator Michael Regan dismissed Trump appointees on advisory panels, saying he wants to restore scientific integrity

The Biden administration says it needs to restore trust in the agency by “resetting” membership on two key science advisory panels.

Why Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Is a Green Jobs Plan

Activists hail Massachusetts law as crucial step on environmental justice

Law establishes a clear definition of a community overburdened by pollution and gives most vulnerable residents a bigger voice