‘The earth holds so much power’: Deb Haaland visits sacred site Trump shrank

The interior secretary toured the Bears Ears national monument in Utah as she weighs indigenous-led calls for it to be increased in size

In Asia, John Kerry urges bold action on climate to avoid global ‘suicide pact’

Guest post: The fate of Antarctic ice shelves at 1.5C, 2C and 4C of warming

Forecasters predict an above-average Atlantic hurricane season in 2021

Climate-risk disclosure requirements will spark huge investments: U.S. official

More than 5,000 people attend illegal party at Tonto national forest in Arizona

Unexpected crowd of revelers discovered on Saturday, 3 April, when forest protection officers patrolled part of the forest

Advanced Nuclear Energy

Biden faces tough choice over a battery plant in Georgia

As EVs Charge Ahead, Farmers Worry about End of Ethanol

Detroit Free Press: General Motors will build an electric version of the Silverado at Factory ZERO in Detroit and Hamtramck. The Silverado EV will sit on GM’s Ultium battery platform and will offer customers a GM-estimated range of more than 400 miles on a full charge, the automaker said Tuesday. Both retail and fleet versions will […]

Sharon Matola, Who Opened a Zoo in the Jungle of Belize, Dies at 66

An Air Force veteran and former lion tamer, she helped her adopted country fall in love with tapirs, macaws and peccaries.