A Changing Regulatory Landscape Hurts the Environment

It’s important to follow what politicians do, not what they say, especially when it comes to environmental protections.

Let’s go to CAMP! CCL’s Climate Advocacy Methods Program

Climate Change, A Global Pandemic — Is This The Apocalypse?

The concept of the apocalypse has never felt more relevant, with the threat of climate change, economic collapse, social inequities and a pandemic. But apocalyptic thinking is nothing new. It dates back centuries and has persisted across cultures — why? And are we actually living through the apocalypse now?

New Season of NASA’s ‘On a Mission’ Podcast Focuses on Planet Earth

Get ready to take an audio journey to an exotic planet: Earth. You may think you know all about our planet, but you're in for some surprises as season three of NASA's "On a Mission" podcast shares insights from researchers who explore the highest heights and the deepest depths, weaving together a saga of the strange yet familiar place we call home.

Hosted by Leslie Mullen of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the 10 episodes take us from deep space, where Earth looks like a pale blue dot, to below our home planet's surface. The audio journeys show not just how the planet's volcanoes, earthquakes, oceans, rivers, atmosphere, and climate work, but how they are all interconnected.

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"It's a perfect year to look at Earth," Mullen said, noting the pandemic, raging wildfires, and record-setting storms. "The different systems on Earth are tied together in an intricate pattern. What happens when you pull on one thread – how does it affect something else?"

You can find "On a Mission" at NASA or Soundcloud. And don't miss the first two award-winningseasons, which focus on the Mars InSight mission and asteroids.

Nick Frearson Designs Devices for Earth’s Most Extreme Environments

An engineer at Lamont-Doherty, Frearson builds instruments that help scientists collect vital data in Antarctica, the deep sea, and at the top of volcanoes.

Asia’s coal pivot – Climate Weekly

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Asian net zero wave leaves Australia’s Scott Morrison isolated

While China, Japan and South Korea set net zero emissions targets and polls show strong support for Australia to follow, Morrison is standing by the coal industry

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As mold grows in the aftermath of hurricanes, more NC asthma patients suffer

FirstEnergy fights against disclosing more details about alleged HB 6 bribery cases

Case filings and delay of possible nuclear bailout combine to block Ohioans from learning more before voting.

After Kansas court rejected solar fee, utility seeks new ‘grid access’ charge

Solar advocates say Evergy’s proposed substitute is as discriminatory as one thrown out by the state’s high court.