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President Joe Biden’s and Vice President Kamala Harris’s victory marks a new day in the fight for bold, just and equitable climate policy in the United States. It means that the US will now have a leadership that believes in science, knows that climate change is real, and is committed to supporting united and multilateral action.

Biden made climate change a cornerstone of his platform early in his campaign for the presidency, pledging to spend $2tn on clean energy, re-join the Paris Agreement (which he accomplished on February 19, 2021) and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. His plan was described as the most ambitious of any mainstream US presidential candidate. 

As a result of the 2020 election, Democrats now control the White House and the Congress, although in the Senate it will take Vice President Kamala Harris to break a tie vote, making legislation challenging. The president will, nonetheless, will have a wide array of tools — from expanding renewables on federal lands to pushing the financial industry on climate change — that could put the U.S. on a trajectory to decarbonizing its electricity sector by 2035.

For more on what he has already accomplished and what he plans to accomplish, go to Biden’s Climate Plan and to the LAWS AND LITIGATION section where you will find extensive information on what is happening within the federal government, from the Executive branch to the Legislative and Judicial branches.



These organizations are dedicated to bringing climate change into public policy, are watching how government does and doesn’t support measures supporting climate change, and are often with a particular emphasis on carbon taxes (or fees and dividends).


Democratic and Republican Views of Climate Change Interactive Maps

These maps show variations in the climate and clean energy views of Democrats (left map) and Republicans (right map) in the U.S. as a whole (national level) and for all 50 states and 435 congressional…

2020 Climate Change Voter’s Guide

Each 2020 candidate — whether for the Presidency, the Senate or the House, whether incumbent or challenger, gets a climate score from zero to 100 for the voter to take into the voting booth. Use…

How to Reverse Course on Trump’s Environmental Damage

The Interior Department has now blessed oil and gas drilling in the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge comes as no surprise. It was a foregone conclusion once Lisa Murkowski, in 2017, persuaded…

Restoring Science, Protecting the Public

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated in stark life-and-death terms how essential it is for government decisionmakers to heed and prioritize science. The United States quickly surpassed other nations in COVID-19 infections, and has suffered catastrophic…

Iowa bill would give apartment-seekers more information on energy bills

Iowa lawmakers are considering a bill that would require owners of large rental buildings to disclose typical utility costs to apartment-seekers.

Beyond Extreme Energy

No new permits for fossil fuel infrastructure. Renewable energy NOW.

Where 2020 Democrats stand on Climate change

Here’s where 2020 candidates stand on issues related to climate change, based on candidate statements, voting records and answers to a questionnaire we sent every campaign.

Where’s Your 2020 Candidate on Climate?

Greenpeace asked the 2020 candidates how they’ll act on the climate crisis if they become president. Here’s what they said… or didn’t say. And, test your knowledge with a short candidate quiz. 

League of Conservation Voters

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) works to turn environmental values into national, state and local priorities. LCV, in collaboration with our state LCV partners, advocates for sound environmental laws and policies, holds elected officials…

Environmental Voter Project

The Environmental Voter Project aims to significantly increase voter demand for progressive environmental policy by identifying inactive environmentalists and then turning them into consistent activists and voters.


A ‘climate corps’ is core to many 2020 Democrats’ environmental plans

By Dino Grandoni  Photo: AP Photo/John Locher   08/08/19  
Democrats running for president on promises to slow climate change are asking young people to do more than just vote for them. Many White House hopefuls are laying out plans to put teenagers and 20-somethings…

Democrats disagree on climate policy specifics. But they agree on how to frame it.

By Dino Grandoni  Photo: AP Photo/Paul Sancya   08/01/19  
The crowded field of White House hopefuls frequently sparred during last night's Democratic debate over the best way to handle rising global temperatures. But there was one thing they actually agreed on: Climate change is not an…

Jay Inslee’s Freedom from Fossil Fuels Plan

Governor Jay Inslee’s Climate Mission is a bold and ambitious agenda to mobilize the United States to transition to 100% clean energy, create 8 million good, family-supporting jobs, and reassert America’s global leadership in confronting…

Florida Voters Support Climate Action

As Democratic candidates head to Miami for the first presidential primary debate, a new survey finds Florida voters strongly support government action to address climate change. Voters want increased action from the federal government, their state government,…

Climate prominent in Inslee’s education plan

By Timothy Cama   07/08/19  
Presidential hopeful Gov. Jay Inslee unveiled his education policy plan, which puts climate change front and center.

Pete Buttigieg Proposes National Service Programs for Climate Change and Mental Health

By John Ismay  Photo: Joshua Lott for The New York Times   07/03/19  
Pete Buttigieg, who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination in part on his experience with national service as a Navy Reserve officer who deployed to Afghanistan, on Wednesday proposed a major expansion of voluntary…

Seven minutes were devoted to climate change in the first Democratic debate

By Dino Grandoni  Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images   06/27/19  
Seven minutes. That's how much time the moderators dedicated to questions about climate change during the Democratic presidential debate last night.

Jay Inslee targets fossil fuel interests with new presidential promises

By Emily Holden  Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images   06/24/19  
Washington governor Jay Inslee will set his sights on powerful fossil fuel interests on Monday, by introducing a new portion of the presidential campaign he has centered on addressing the climate crisis.

Climate rule gets muted response on the trail

By Timothy Cama  Photo: Ron Sachs/CNP/AdMedia/Newscom   06/21/19  
President Trump's new industry-friendly carbon rule for power plants was greeted with little fanfare among the field of Democrats hoping to run against him.

Want to address climate change? Fix campaign finance first, 2020 Democrats say.

By Dino Grandoni  Photo: AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall   06/20/19  
It is not just about the Earth's rising temperatures. Many Democrats running for president see climate change as symptomatic of another problem: too much money in politics. 

Democrats want companies to disclose their climate risks — and fossil fuel industry is worried

By Ben Lefebvre and Anthony Adragna  Photo: Zach Gibson/Getty Images   06/17/19  
Proposals to make the disclosures mandatory are sprouting in the platforms of almost all the party's leading White House hopefuls.

Climate crisis and the 2020 elections

By John Scales Avery   06/17/19  
The Democrats must not repeat the mistakes that they made in 2016! There are so many things wrong with Donald Trump that one hardly knows where to begin. He is a racist, habitual liar, tax…

Democrats’ climate debate debate is not going away

By Dino Grandoni  Photo: Susan Walsh/AP   06/14/19  
Environmental activists and 2020 candidates are still pressing the party to dedicate one of the dozen presidential debates it is staging to what they see as an urgent, generational crisis. Yet party leaders have not…

Trump’s green reelection pitch takes shape

By Timothy Cama  Photo: Joshua Roberts/Reuters/Newscom   06/14/19  
President Trump's reelection strategy on energy and environment issues is starting to come into focus, with an emphasis on domestic energy production and making the case, in his mind at least, that the environment has…

Don’t Overthink a Climate-Change Debate

By Robinson Meyer  Photo: Stephen Lam / Reuters   06/14/19  
Of course Democratic candidates should square off on the issue. Here’s what a moderator should ask.

Why the Democratic Party doesn’t want a presidential debate about climate change

By Umair Irfan  Photo: Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images   06/14/19  
The climate crisis has rocketed up the polls and is now a top-tier issue for Democratic primary voters. A CNN survey this week found that three-quarters of Iowa Democratic caucus participants said that their candidate…

Joe Biden embraces Green New Deal as he releases climate plan

By Jeff Stein  Photo: Matt Rourke/AP   06/04/19  
Joe Biden is embracing the framework of the Green New Deal in his bid for the White House, calling on the United States to eliminate climate-warming emissions by no later than the middle of the…

Where the 2020 Presidential Candidates Stand on Food and Farming

By Julia Poska and The Civil Eats Editors   05/29/19  
With fewer than 18 months until the 2020 elections, the field is crowded with contenders. There are currently 25 declared presidential candidates, ranging from the well-known (Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren) to the lesser-known…

Biden under pressure from environmentalists on climate plan

By Miranda Green  Photo: Getty   05/25/19  
Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to unveil his climate change plan any day now, and he's under increasing pressure from environmentalists who want him to take a strong position against fossil fuels.

Climate Change Is Catching On With Voters. Why Isn’t Jay Inslee?

By Trip Gabriel  Photo: Elizabeth Frantz for The New York Times   05/24/19  
For years, climate change was an issue of passionate concern to a few voters, but never enough to ripple presidential politics. The Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump debates in 2016 notoriously did not include any questions from…

How climate change became a Democratic litmus test in the 2020 campaign

By Jonathan Tamari  Photo: Heather Khalifa / Staff Photographer   05/23/19  
When Jordan Lawson went to see Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, he didn’t hesitate when a reporter asked his top concern: climate change.

Jay Inslee wants to be the climate change president. His record shows what a tough sell that issue could be

By Joshua Partlow  Photo by Brandon Thibodeaux for The New York Times   05/22/19  
Gov. Jay Inslee lives in a house on a hill that looks over the southernmost finger of the Puget Sound, a stretch of inland seawater that naturalist John Muir found so stunning in its scenery…

America Cares About Climate Change Again

By Robinson Meyer  Photo: Lindsey Wasson / Reuters   03/19/19  
Suddenly, climate change is a high-profile national issue again. It’s not just the Green New Deal. Around the country, the loose alliance of politicians, activists, and organizations concerned about climate change is mobilizing. They are…

Pressed by Climate Activists, Senate Democrats Plan to ‘Go on Offense’

By Coral Davenport and Sheryl Gay Stolberg  Photo: Erin Schaff/The New York Times   03/04/19  
Facing a showdown vote as early as this month over the embattled “Green New Deal,” Senate Democrats are preparing a counteroffensive to make combating climate change a central issue of their 2020 campaigns — a…

Jay Inslee, Washington Governor and Environmentalist, Enters 2020 Race

By Kirk Johnson  Photo: Ruth Fremson/The New York Times   03/01/19  
Jay Inslee, the governor of Washington and former member of Congress who has made climate change and the environment his signature issues, jumped into the crowded field of 2020 Democratic contenders for president on Friday.

What if Mother Nature Is on the Ballot in 2020?

by Thomas Friedman  Photo: David McNew/EPA, via Shutterstock   08/14/18  
Democrats could have a strong issue to run on if the extreme weather persists and President Trump continues to dismiss climate change.

2020 Democrats on Climate Change

Climate change has become an increasingly important concern for voters, so we wanted to ask candidates about it in a way that would capture their level of focus on the issue. Every candidate stressed the…

Green New Deal gains traction on the campaign trail

By Dino Grandoni  Photo: AP Photo/Paul Sancya   06/07/19  
Momentum for the Green New Deal is building — not so much in the halls of Congress, but on the presidential campaign trail. Even though Senate quashed the proposal earlier this year, three different 2020 hopefuls this…

The Democratic Party Is Trying to Downplay Climate Change. Don’t Let It.

By Justin Gillis  Photo: Josh Haner/The New York Times   06/07/19  
Now we know. The Democratic Party establishment in Washington really believes it is going to get away with running another round of presidential primaries in which the climate crisis is basically hidden in the attic.

10 Democratic candidates would ban fracking. Here are the others who won’t.

By Alexandra Jacobo   06/05/19  
“Fracking poisons air and water, and makes people sick. Americans know it, and finally, Democratic candidates are beginning to get the picture.”

My Green Manufacturing Plan for America

By Elizabeth Warren   06/04/19  
Today I described my plan for economic patriotism. It’s a strategy for using all the tools of government to defend and create American jobs rather than continuing to cater to the interests of Wall Street…

Climate Change Takes Center Stage as Biden and Warren Release Plans

By Coral Davenport and Katie Glueck  Photo: Brittany Greeson for The New York Times   06/04/19  
When Joseph R. Biden Jr. was Barack Obama’s vice president, their administration brokered the landmark Paris climate accord and imposed the nation’s first federal regulations for cutting carbon dioxide emissions.

Democratic Debaters United on Need For Climate Action

Photo: CNN   01/17/20  
At the final Democratic primary debate before the 2020 Iowa caucuses, the six top polling candidates onstage all discussed their concerns about climate impacts and their plans for addressing the problem and broadly agreed on…

Bernie Sanders’s Latest Endorsement: Sunrise Movement

By Astead W. Herndon  Photo: September Dawn Bottoms for The New York Times   01/09/20  
The move by the group of young climate activists was another sign that left-wing advocacy organizations have increasingly coalesced around the Vermont senator’s candidacy.

Elizabeth Warren’s Plan For The Planet

By The Years Project   08/28/19  
Elizabeth Warren says she "has a plan for that" and fighting the climate crisis is no exception. In this video we take a look at her green manufacturing plan for America that she would enact…

Gov. Jay Inslee, Who Ran On Climate Change, Withdraws From Presidential Race

By Amita Kelly  Photo: John Locher/AP   08/21/19  
Democratic presidential candidate Jay Inslee announced Wednesday that he is withdrawing from the race. "It's become clear that I'm not going be carrying the ball, I'm not going to be the president, so I'm withdrawing…

The 4 best ideas from Jay Inslee’s new climate justice plan

By David Roberts  Photo: Caroline Brehman/CQ Roll Call   07/30/19  
On Monday, the Jay Inslee campaign released the fifth part of its comprehensive climate policy agenda. Cumulatively, the package of policies, called the “Climate Mission Agenda,” is close to 170 pages.

Following Warren’s announcement, Sanders vows to ban fracking and all new fossil fuel projects

By Alexandra Jacobo   04/18/19  
"If we fail to substantially cut the amount of carbon in our atmosphere in under 11 years, the human, environmental, and economic costs will be severe and irreversible."

Is America Ready for a Climate Change Candidate?

By Ira Flatow  Photo: Wikimedia Commons   04/05/19  
Presidential candidate Jay Inslee has staked his bid for the White House on fighting climate change. But is that issue enough to get people to the polls?