Inundation, Undulation, Modulation



Discover public national and local events related to learning more about climate change and taking action – whether online, in the streets, or in the auditorium. The more we know, the more effective we will be. And, the more we participate, the more we will build a community of people working for the welfare of our children and our grandchildren.

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Inundation, Undulation, Modulation


July 27, 2019
3:00 – 7:00 PM EDT
House of Solutions
Nolan Park House 4B, Governors Island
New York, New York 10004
Join our Artists-in-Residence Lemon Guo and Banyi Huang for “Inundation, Undulation, Modulation”. This event consists of an afternoon of performances, screenings, and site-specific projects. It reflects on aspects of climate change, including rising tides, toxic waste, and its various effects on the body, as well as the fraught history of Governor’s Island as a colonial defense system for the United States. Taking advantage of both indoor and outdoor locations, performances will move in and outside the building, mirroring the mass migration and displacement of bodies as decisive results of colonial expansion and environmental change.

Zero Hour’s Youth Climate Summit


July 12-14, 2019
Miami, Florida

As a community on the frontlines of the climate crisis, Miami needs change. We want to use this event to empower South Florida youth to be that change by providing training and entry-points for the fight for climate justice. This summit will train more young people, and older attendees, to be effective climate justice advocates and organizers.

Summit speakers to include Greta Thunberg (via video call), Standing Rock Water Protectors, Little Miss Flint Mari Copeny, former EPA administrator Gina McCarthy, Earth Uprising founder Alezandria Villasenor, author and leader of Bill McKibben, and the UN Secretary General’s Climate Action Team. Workshop presenters to include Veggie Mijas, IMatter, and Equality Education among others. 

To join or start a sister action in the case that you can not make it to Miami, you can click here and scroll down to ‘Find your Local Sister Action. 

A Planet of Three Billion


July 11, 2019
110 The Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA 94105
Join us with author Chris Tucker, whose new book A Planet of Three Billion argues for a sustainable population of three billion. Central to this thesis is the empowerment of women: through education and access to family planning technologies, women may be at the core of to establishing a healthy population balance — not just for the planet’s sake, but for ours.