Reckoning with the climate crisis: a pathway through art



Discover public national and local events related to learning more about climate change and taking action – whether online, in the streets, or in the auditorium. The more we know, the more effective we will be. And, the more we participate, the more we will build a community of people working for the welfare of our children and our grandchildren.

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Reckoning with the climate crisis: a pathway through art


February 28, 2019
New York City, New York
7 – 9:00pm
The Writers Room
740 Broadway at Astor Place
12th floor
New York, NY 10003

The New York Review of Books is pleased to present a public conversation about the climate crisis and how we come to terms with it. The discussion is prompted by an NYR Daily essay, ‘Climate Signs,’ by American Book Award winner and City College teacher Emily Raboteau, who toured the ten sites of the citywide public art exhibition Climate Signals with a new friend, fellow City College teacher and writer Mikael Awake. Free and open to the public. Seating is available on a first come, first served basis.

Migration as Survival in the Era of Climate Crisis


February 26, 2019
New York City, New York
6:30 – 8:30pm
King Juan Carlos I Center Auditorium
53 Washington Square South
New York, NY 10012

Rising sea levels, drought, food insecurity, intensified hurricanes, and wildfires are some of the many markers of the exacerbating climate crisis. Despite the clear and present danger of climate change, governments are failing to take the action needed to stave off its worst effects. Meanwhile, tens of millions of people, primarily from poor communities and the Global South, are displaced by climate impacts every year only to be met by rising xenophobia, anti-immigrant sentiment, and militarized borders. This panel brings together journalists, activists, frontline organizers, academics, and artists to discuss the inextricable links between migration and climate catastrophe. We consider what an intersectional movement for migrant rights and climate justice could look like, the threat posed by right-wing populist governments to the rights of migrants, and the role of arts and culture in creating bold visions for a just future. Please RSVP here

“Anote’s Ark”: Film Screening and Discussion


February 21, 2019
New York City, New York
Columbia Law School
Jerome Greene Hall, room 101
435 West 116th Street (at Amsterdam Avenue)
Award-winning documentary Anote’s Ark tells the story of Pacific Island nation Kiribati’s fight against the existential threat of climate change. All of Kiribati’s 33 coral isles and atolls will be completely underwater within this century scientists now agree. Anote’s Ark follows former president Anote Tong as he works to save his nation, purchasing, for example, 20 km2 in Fiji to relocate Kiribati islanders. The award-winning documentary also strikes a personal tone, following Sermary, a young mother of six, as she struggles to resettle her family in New Zealand. Anote’s Ark has screened at a number of festivals including the Sundance Film Festival, Hot Docs Festival, and the Human Rights Film Festival here in New York.

NYC Climate Hearings: Stand Up for Our Communities


February 14, 2019
New York City, New York
9:15 – 11:15am
City Hall
across from 250 Broadway 
New York, NY 10007
The NY Senate is holding its FIRST-EVER hearings on climate change! Let’s show up and show our support for passing the Climate & Community Protection Act in 2019 with our voices and presence (t-shirts, signs, etc).
Join us at for a 9:30AM rally on the steps of City Hall, across the street from 250 Broadway.
At 10AM, head over with us from the rally, or join us in the hearing room at 250 Broadway on the 19th floor. (The hearing will go on until 5pm or so — but the key hour to join us is 10-11:30)

The Columbia University Energy Symposium


February 7, 2019
New York City, New York
8:00am – 6pm
64 Morningside Drive
New York

The Columbia University Energy Symposium brings together more than 500 energy professionals, students, faculty, leaders, and executives representing industry, government, and society, to explore and advance our insights into today’s challenging energy questions.

Join a Green New Deal Livestream Watch Party!


February 5, 2019
8:00pm EST

The news is out that Senator Markey and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez are releasing a Green New Deal bill in the coming days. Bills like these live or die in the first few weeks based on how much support they receive. It’s on us to move this legislation forward by turning up the heat on our members of Congress throughout February. Thousands of people are already signed up to tune-in from over 400 watch parties around the country. You won’t want to miss it.