Mother orca who carried her dead calf at center of hearings over Trans Mountain pipeline


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The curated news page contains a roundup of the most compelling current and/or timeless news stories about climate change, pulled from the most significant sources— newspapers, scientific studies, magazines, books, films, available video and audio streams, universities and organizations. 

  • If you are curious about last year’s top stories: here’s a link to the most pertinent climate change stories from the New York Times in 2021
  • If you are interested in how the media understood and covered the incredible heat oppressing the Pacific Northwest in June and July, 2021, take a look at this very well analyzed and synthesized piece by Carbon Brief. 
  • If you are wondering about how climate change change was discussed as part of the television media coverage on the devastating Hurricane Ian, you might be interested in what Media Matters discovered as they explored that issue. 
  • To start with, the scientific facts: "Scientists have repeatedly warned that global warming is making storms like Ian stronger and wetter and even proved the extent to which human-caused warming has increased the damage caused by specific storms. Already, a study has suggested that Ian dumped 10% more rain than it would have otherwise due to climate change. Compounding the intensity of the storm are rising sea levels which multiply what can be the most dangerous aspect of storms on the coast: storm surge. 
  • With few exceptions, the relationship between our warming planet and the characteristics of Hurricane Ian were not part of national TV news coverage. MSNBC aired the most connections to climate among the cable networks, with 17, followed by CNN with 15. MSNBC and CNN combined aired 32 segments that mentioned climate change in relation to Hurricane Ian, or 4%. More on Fox News climate mentions below. “Media Matters explored the 57 hours of media coverage (including 1,020 segments) focused on Hurricane Ian between September 24-28 and found that only 4% of coverage connected the storm to climate change. Of the 46 times climate change was discussed, 7 of those mentions, all appearing on Fox News, were in the context of climate denial.

Mother orca who carried her dead calf at center of hearings over Trans Mountain pipeline

Canada's National Energy Board was instructed by the courts to hear out First Nation concerns, as well as effects the pipeline expansion would have on orcas and marine environment.
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Droughts, floods, failing dams: What climate change means for water in the U.S.

One of the conclusions of the fourth National Climate Assessment is that human-caused climate change is already affecting water quantity and quality.
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Bipartisan carbon fee bill introduced in House

Five members of the U.S. House of Representatives from both parties just introduced the most significant climate change legislation Congress has seen in over a decade...
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The sun rises on climate action

On Nov. 13, 150 youth activists staged a sit-in at Rep. Pelosi’s office, calling for climate action in Congress. They say a carbon tax could be a part of their plan. The sun rises on…
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4th U.S. National Climate Assessment Vol.II: Main Messages

Trump Administration Climate Report: It’s Real, It’s Here, It’s Because of Fossil Fuels. And The Sooner We Fix It, The Better. The National Climate Assessment (NCA) is a congressionally-mandated report released at least every four…
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Why ‘flammable ice’ could be the future of energy

Last year, Japan succeeded in extracting an untapped fuel from its ocean floor – methane hydrate, or flammable ice.
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Democrats and a climate-change dilemma

Should Democrats pursue the best policy, or the one that does them least political damage?
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Citizens’ Climate Radio, Ep. 30: What does the Bible say about climate change?

Hosted by Peterson Toscano
Corina Newsome from Young Evangelicals for Climate Action is one of the guests on the latest episode of Citizens’ Climate Radio. Citizens’ Climate Radio, Ep. 30: What does the Bible say about climate change? Citizens’…
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Biofuel groups ask federal judge to freeze U.S. refinery waiver program

A group representing biofuel companies asked a federal judge on Tuesday to force the U.S. EPA to stop exempting small refineries from renewable fuel laws until a lawsuit challenging the agency's actions is resolved.
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California’s wildfires don’t have to be so deadly

Wildfire fatalities are now on par with mass shooting deaths in the state.
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